Wildust Sisters "BORN TO BE WILD" T-Shirt


Wildust Sisters "BORN TO BE WILD" T-Shirt

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Wildust Sisters "BORN TO BE WILD" T-Shirt


Project Eighty Three

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Yes… the EASY RIDER reference was quite easy… :-)

"Born to be wild", they all sing it! Some will see it as a cliché, others a reality!

As far as we are concerned, whenever we have the opportunity to dive into the American nostalgia of the 70s, when everything was only carpe diem, freedom and non conformism ... Well, we jump into it ! Dreams of road trips, adventures, with a free spirit a bit rebellious ...

One day we will also cross the country (better the US than France or Belgium ... :-) ) on the handlebars of a chopper, music in our ears and wind in our hair ... In the meantime, and before this vision becomes reality, let's print our Wild Trip dreams on our shirts, it's kind of a good start :-)

This pretty shirt is a V-neck design, chic and feminine, and can be worn in any circumstances