Wildust Sisters scarf WOODSTOCK
Wildust Sisters scarf WOODSTOCK
Wildust Sisters scarf WOODSTOCK


Wildust Sisters scarf WOODSTOCK

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Wildust Sisters scarf WOODSTOCK

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This is not a common scarf... Okay it is cool and its design looks is sooo perfect, true story... BUT, what makes it so cool, is that, like everything we design here at Wildust, it is made for riding. Thi is a special outdoor scarf.  This moto scarf is as comfy and warm as a neckwarmer, and is even more easy to use.

If you often wear moto tubes, we bet you've never had the oportunity to try this scarf on. The material is so strech that you can easely place the scarf under the helmet, or the mask, holding it close to your face and cheeks. Unlike the moto tube, it won't take away your hair or makeup when you place it over your face.  Yep, blush will remain at its place, and won't be removed by the Tube !

This Moto scarf is made in France. It is supper strechable and highly resistant. You 'll be happy riding with Wildust'scarves. 

We workedwith a fa ctory in Portugal to develop this technical material, made for outdoor purpose, a resistant fabric that adapts to riding conditions. Ultra resistant and stretchable, this scarf will accompany you around your neck on your 2 wheels rides.