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Eudoxie Assorted PatchesEudoxie Assorted Patches
Eudoxie Assorted Patches
Sale price£8.50
Eudoxie Assorted PinsEudoxie Assorted Pins
Eudoxie Assorted Pins
Sale price£7.00
Eudoxie Bandana
Sale price£17.00

1 color available

Eudoxie BeanieEudoxie Beanie
Eudoxie Beanie
Sale price£28.00

2 colors available

Eudoxie Black and Gold GlovesEudoxie Black and Gold Gloves
Eudoxie Bonnie Grey TeeEudoxie Bonnie Grey Tee
Eudoxie Bonnie Grey Tee
Sale price£32.50
Eudoxie Caps
Sale price£28.00
Eudoxie Charly Cap
Sale price£28.00
Eudoxie Fast Tee long sleeveEudoxie Fast Tee long sleeve
Eudoxie Fast Tee long sleeve
Sale price£42.00
Eudoxie Flor TankEudoxie Flor Tank
Eudoxie Flor Tank
Sale price£28.00
Eudoxie Grey Flor TeeEudoxie Grey Flor Tee
Eudoxie Grey Flor Tee
Sale price£32.50
Eudoxie Julia Long Sleeve TeeEudoxie Julia Long Sleeve Tee
Eudoxie Key ringEudoxie Key ring
Eudoxie Key ring
Sale price£9.00
Eudoxie Laurie TeeEudoxie Laurie Tee
Eudoxie Laurie Tee
Sale price£29.00
Eudoxie Marie Grey Tee
Sale price£32.50
Eudoxie Marie TeeEudoxie Marie Tee
Eudoxie Marie Tee
Sale price£32.50
Eudoxie Masha TeeEudoxie Masha Tee
Eudoxie Masha Tee
Sale price£32.50
Eudoxie Nascar JacketEudoxie Nascar Jacket
Eudoxie Nascar Jacket
Sale price£125.00
Eudoxie Pop Pink GlovesEudoxie Pop Pink Gloves
Eudoxie Pop Pink Gloves
Sale price£80.00
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Eudoxie Reflective Wind JacketEudoxie Reflective Wind Jacket
Eudoxie SocksEudoxie Socks
Eudoxie Socks
Sale price£17.00



Fed up of seeing oversized men's jackets with pink embroided flowers to 'cater' for women, we decided to create a store collating all our favourite brands that offer STYLE, COMFORT and PROTECTION. Whilst we are not against pink, we wanted to offer more freedom of choice!

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