Trousers, Jeans and Leggings

Trousers, Jeans and Leggings

Our range of protective trousers, jeans and leggings have you covered with multiple leg lengths.
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Motogirl Irene DungriMotogirl Irene Dungri
Motogirl Irene Dungri
Sale price£159.00

3 colors available

Motogirl Lara Cargo Camo TrousersMotogirl Lara Cargo Camo Trousers
Motogirl Ribbed Knee LeggingsMotogirl Ribbed Knee Leggings
Motogirl Ribbed Knee Leggings
Sale price£165.00
Knox womens shield spectra jeansKnox womens shield spectra jeans
Motogirl Sherrie LeggingsMotogirl Sherrie Leggings
Motogirl Sherrie Leggings
Sale price£179.00
Resurgence Ultimate PEKEV ultra lite moto jeans indigo blueResurgence Ultimate PEKEV ultra lite moto jeans indigo blue
Resurgance Sara Jayne LeggingsResurgance Sara Jayne Leggings
Resurgance Sara Jayne Leggings
Sale price£165.00
Resurgence Gear BLACK Ladies PEKEV Dungarees
Motogirl Melissa Grey Jeggings RegularMotogirl Melissa Grey Jeggings Regular
Motogirl Ellie Jeans BlueMotogirl Ellie Jeans Blue
Motogirl Ellie Jeans Blue
Sale price£129.00
Motogirl Waterproof TrousersMotogirl Waterproof Trousers
Motogirl Waterproof Trousers
Sale price£49.00
Motogirl Melissa Blue LeggingsMotogirl Melissa Blue Leggings
Motogirl Melissa Blue Leggings
Sale price£129.00
Motogirl Melissa Black JeggingsMotogirl Melissa Black Jeggings
Knox Scarlett Skinny Jeans Black Mk IIKnox Scarlett Skinny Jeans Black Mk II
Atwyld Atwyld x Lab PantAtwyld Atwyld x Lab Pant
Atwyld Atwyld x Lab Pant
Sale price£165.00



Fed up of seeing oversized men's jackets with pink embroided flowers to 'cater' for women, we decided to create a store collating all our favourite brands that offer STYLE, COMFORT and PROTECTION. Whilst we are not against pink, we wanted to offer more freedom of choice!

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