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Gillan Pope


Founder and chief of store, Gillan is an avid motorcycle rider and custom bike enthusiast. Currently building a 1983 R100 RT BMW in his spare time, he has an obsession with buying new toys. His collection has been narrowed down to a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster, the BMW, 2 Kawasaki GT550’s and an Africa Twin; although he’s always looking for more to add! He has not limited his passion to just bikes and his eyes light up when you mention the word ‘Caddy’ or ‘Corrado’ or even a chat about BMX’ing. Also a keen snowboarder, he is usually found in the mountains come winter where he rides a Nevasummer.

Prior to opening Project Eighty Three, Gillan spent the past 18 years landscaping. Working on some very desirable properties across the South West; he has worked on projects that have involved the import and plantation of 30ft trees, installation of lakes and is a dab hand at driving a tractor and trailer!


Part-time Store Manager Natalie, is our style guru. Mother to 3 year old Ivy, our favourite little human and a biker in the making. Natalie makes an awesome coffee and she offers a very warm and friendly welcome. Natalie enjoys keeping Derek and Babs (our mannequins) looking on-point and up to date with latest gear.

Nat is on hand to give you friendly, impartial and honest style advice.

If you hear some old schoool rock playing, she’s likely to be working! Nat is typically on hand, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.