Be considerate of others. Please allow enough room for others to park their bikes. Badly parked motorbikes maybe moved, or removed. 

Approach the entrance at SLOW SPEED.

Riding indoors must be DEAD SLOW.

Do not breach boundaries, there are signs on the wall advising which areas are off-limits. ie. DON'T RIDE UP BY THE TOILETS.

We all know what bikes sound like, DO NOT REV engines. Men, we will assume you are overcompensating for something if you do!

Kill your engines as soon as you have parked.

Wesley Yard is an independent business quarter with numerous businesses attracting people of all ages, some with small children and some with pets. BE RESPECTFUL. Ride safe and be considerate of others. Refrain from speeding or unnecessary loud engine revving in or near our premises. Do not block entrances of neighboring businesses.

Bike parking is available to customers only.

Overnight bike parking is available at manager's discretion. 

...Don't be a dick. You abuse it, you lose it!


Relax and Unwind


We visited here while on a motorcycle holiday. Great shop and cafe with friendly owners and a brilliant selection of motorcycle clothing. Easy parking round the back. Shop dogs were an added bonus. We'll be back...

Steve. B