Wildust Sisters scarf "RIDE&SHINE"
Wildust Sisters scarf "RIDE&SHINE"


Wildust Sisters scarf "RIDE&SHINE"

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Wildust Sisters scarf "RIDE&SHINE"

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Newbie in the Wildust Motorcycle Scarf collection... The Ride&Shine print... Reserved for female bikers who can't help but wear a big big smile when they ride! To all those who radiate, and illuminate when riding their bikes! In the detail of the scarf illustrations, we find the helmet, the sun, the swallows which of course symbolize freedom, in accordance with the old school tattoo codes! Made in France, in a technical fabric, similar to lycra, this scarf is worn like a bandana, which can be pulled up over the nose when hitting the road. Super soft and super stretchy, it slips easily under the helmet, and effectively protects against the cold and untimely mosquito attacks. Soft and comfortable, light and flexible, even if it is a real technical product for motorcycling, it can also be worn as a bandana, in the hair, on the wrist or on the belt!