Whilst the law only stipulates a helmet must be worn when riding a motorbike. We strongly recommend being protected head to toe. Make sure you are wearing an appropriate jacket, gloves, trousers and footwear. There are many different levels of protection to consider.. find out more in our detailed section of 'WHAT IS PROTECTIVE MOTORBIKE GEAR'

First things first... CBT. Compulsory Basic Training is required for motorbikes 125cc and under for you to be able to ride on the road. Some people prefer to have a few lessons before, but this is personal preference. Find a local training centre and enquire about their CBT's. We recommned that prior to riding, you get clued up with what to wear. Look at our advice on what to wear below.

Good to Know


The length of the trip will of course have an impact on what to pack, as well as what environment you are riding in. We recommend packing your essential bike gear along with a light weight waterproof that can be packed away when not in use. Pack water and snacks to keep you going.



Cornwall's Motorbike Lounge. Based in Newquay, we offer the perfect hub to plan your next ride, unwind with a coffee and a Cornish pasty or kick start your evening with a beer.


Cornwall's coastline and countryside offer great rides with epic views and some great pit stops. If you are new to riding in Cornwall or want to find our favourite spots, check out the link below.


Check out our bike maintenance tips. Motorbike maintenance workshops and talks coming soon.


What does 'protective' really mean?

We explain what you should look out for when selecting protective motorbike gear and what the safety ratings mean.