Wildust Sisters Armalith Moto Jacket
Wildust Sisters Armalith Moto Jacket
Wildust Sisters Armalith Moto Jacket
Wildust Sisters Armalith Moto Jacket


Wildust Sisters Armalith Moto Jacket

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Wildust Sisters Armalith Moto Jacket


Project Eighty Three

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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Since the beginning, behind our favorite catchline "Ride Like A Girl" is based our basic mission: to offer technical and safe clothing for riding, that we could wear every day.

Our initial desire is to break with the stereotype of the biker, and allow her to remain stylish and elegant, even when she rides a motorcycle.

How many times have we hesitated between the perfecto or the denim jacket, to go riding light, without the constraint of the big shell leather! It became obvious: we had to create a mid-season jacket, so that as soon as the fine weather arrives, we can ride in complete safety, and without dying of heat ... and preferably not in disguise!


Inspired by feminine cuts and always motivated by comfort and practicality above all, we went with an overshirt-style jacket, with a safe style. The jacket is made of ARMALITH, an ultra-resistant, anti-abrasion, anti-tear fabric, the tolerance of which is greater than that of Kevlar or Leather. Like an overshirt, it has a buttonhole, behind which hides a practical zip when you're a biker! Its cut is slightly fitted and the back is a little longer than the front. A small asymmetry which gives an additional style but above all adapts perfectly to the problems of bikers ... Keeping your back covered is important! 2 chest pockets + 2 front pockets to finish off the style, and also a little "worn" effect for the vintage side of outsized denim. We were going to end without telling you the ESSENTIALS! ...

Apart from the cool and feminine style of this jacket, its main argument is PROTECTION!

This jacket is made of a very strong fabric, the ARMALITH *, a reinforced denim, resistant to abrasion and snag. But it also wears Motrocycling CE aprouved protections inside its lining. A back pocket + 2 shoulder pockets and 2 elbow pockets, to hold the protections. You will be ready for the road: anti abrasion and motorcycle protection, the total!

Always on the principle of optimal protection, the Armalith Moto Jacket is CE certified and meets the requirements PPE CLASS AA based on standards of the EN17092-3:2020 Norma.  


What exactly is ARMALITH? It's the safety of leather, the comfort of stretch jeans! It is an exceptionally PROTECTIVE material, Ultra resistant to abrasion, tearing, cutting as well as UV. ARMALITH® is designed by assembling a cotton fiber (denim) with UHMWPE fiber until then reserved for space, military and offshore applications. This exclusive technology is an authentic one: Denim which incorporates in its heart, a frame giving it the mechanical qualities of leather. ARMALITH® resists abrasion, snags, tears and provides exceptional comfort in summer and winter. ARMALITH 2.0 is the only material capable of protecting against abrasion (including in the meaning of motorcycle standard 13595-2) in a single layer of fabric, while providing the comfort and look of real jeans. It is by far your best ally for riding protected, while remaining stylish. 

DESIGN & CUT2 chest pockets + 2 low pockets
Buttons Closing
CE Protections Included
Embroided Handcuffs WILD FREE
Golden Zipper
Inside Lining Coton / Pockets for Protections: Back, Shoulders, Elbows
Leather Label - Chest
Side Vents + Asymetrical Cut